ROV and Sonar Inspections

Inland Divers provides video and imaging solutions to meet your needs.  We also utilize ROV (remotely operated vehicles) for areas where we cannot go.


We take video, whether that be with helmut mounted HD systems on our divers, or camera systems mounted on our ROV. Our dives are videoed with an HD video system camera for real time, top side observation.

We can also provide you with post production documentation if you require. Post production involves taking the raw footage of the dive and editing it to provide you with a more concise documentation for your project. We can also employ and engineer to narrate the dive for you.

Yellowfin Sidescan Sonar

The Imagenex Model 872 Yellowfin sidescan sonar is a full-featured dual channel, high-resolution, side scan sonar. The Yellowfin sidescan sonar is an affordable, user friendly side scan system that incorporates a high speed Ethernet connection to your Windows™ based laptop or desktop PC. Integrated power and an optional differential-ready GPS receiver complete this fantastic system. Zoom windows are available for target investigation without interrupting real-time data acquisition. Data is displayed in real-time, with or without speed correction, in 9 user selectable colour tables. 

A containerized tether management system, easily handles up to 1000 meters (3000 ft) of cable in a ship-able package. Now you can have a high resolution 3 frequency side scan sonar in a easy to manage and transport system. Other options include level wind, remote operation, and automatic layback calculations. GPS position is that of the towfish instead of the vessel.



  • Underwater Archaeology 
  • Sunken Timber Recovery 
  • Search & Recovery 
  • Surveying 
  • Law Enforcement Work 
  • Scientific Research 
  • Environmental Survey 



  • Triple frequency 
  • High resolution 1000 data points per side 
  • 300 m depth rating 
  • Up to 400 m (1300') total coverage 
  • 23 m (75') tow cable included 
  • LAN compatible 
  • Built-in track plotter 
  • Built-in internal GPS receiver


Using our Sea Eye Falcon ROV we offer underwater video inspections down to 300 meters of depth. We have other systems available on short notice for projects deeper that 300 meters.

The ROV never requires decompression and does not get cold, so it stays until the job is complete.

We offer:

  • Video surveys and inspections.
  • Offshore Wind Power services.
  • Submerged Cable inspections.
  • Mooring inspections.
  • Search and Recovery of sunken boats, planes, vehicles, other objects.
  • Internal and external pipeline surveys. Soon to have 5, 000 meter penetration capability.
  • Environmental assessments for construction and de-commissioning.
  • Inspection of underwater structures, such as bridges, dams, water intakes, outfalls, pipelines, subsea cables.
  • Electrical and hydraulic equipment and repairs.
  • Integration of new equipment to ROV systems.
  • Sonar imaging and engineering measurements on underwater structures.
  • Mine remediation work.
  • Settling Pond assessment and cleanup
  • Commercial Diver support, extremely cost effective in support of mixed gas dives.